Are you open to wholesale orders? 

Currently we are not open for wholesale for the rest of 2020. You can contact us & we will put you on the waitlist for 2021. 

Do you do custom scents or oil blends?

We love collaborating with you and making your very unique perfume ideas come to life. We also understand some peoples skin is sensitive to certain essential oils, we can do custom skincare without the addition of essential oils. For more information, please contact us here.


Why essential oils?

It’s simple. Most commercial perfumes and skincare is brimming with chemicals, usually derived from petroleum (the first synthetic fragrance was derived from coal tar!)

The word ‘fragrance’ on an ingredient list applies to anything that has an odour. Most of the time, this translates is a combination of chemicals such as acetone, formaldehyde, methylene chloride and phthalates that mimic the scent of flowers and plants. Unfortunately, many mainstream manufacturers don’t have to list these ingredients, as they are a ‘trade secret’. Even chemicals that have been banned by governing bodies due to carcinogenic or endocrine disrupting potential slip into your skincare products due to lack of regulation. Basically, these are cheap alternatives- a waste by-product used to mimic natural scents, which get sold at an enormous profit.

Essential oils are the volatile extracts from the stems, flowers, leaves, barks, wood,  gums, roots, rind or berries of a plant. They are the most concentrated form of a plants essence or vitality and hold potent therapeutic properties. The essential oils used in Studium products are sourced globally according to their geo-climatic location and growing conditions. They also undergo vigorous testing (gas chromatography, mass spectrometry and optical refraction) to evaluate purity,  quality and therapeutic benefits. When applied topically or inhaled, essential oils enter the bloodstream within 2-3 minutes. In approximately 20 minutes, they cross the blood brain barrier and interact with central nervous system receptors, this elicits either a stimulating or relaxing response depending on dose. 


Why store in dark bottles?

Essential oils are chemically volatile compounds and can oxidise rapidly upon exposure to heat, air and light. Storing in dark amber bottles preserves the quality of the oils and maintains the plants vitality.

Do you test on animals?

Absolutely not. Our products (along the entire manufacturing process) are tested on humans and humans only. Our products are all vegan.