Agate Gua Sha Tool - RESTOCK JUNE 2020


Just as the muscles in the body need exercise, stretching, stimulation & massaging to keep them functioning at the optimum, so do the muscles of our faces. Gua Sha is a Traditional Chinese therapy which involves scraping the skins surface with the tool to improve subcutaneous blood circulation.

The tool helps to reduce fine lines & wrinkles by massaging tense facial muscles, it also encourages lymphatic drainage reducing puffiness & increases blood flow to the face resulting in plump, glowing skin. Preliminary studies have shown it up regulates the expression of heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1), a gene responsible for cell protection & oxidative stress reduction. Daily use provides an opportunity to improve skin integrity, slow down & give gratitude to the things our body does for us on a daily basis. 

Gua Sha can also be used on neck, shoulders, back, arms & legs with firmer pressure to reduce pain, muscle stiffness & encourage joint mobility.

Agate Stone

Agate is said to have metaphysical properties of balancing Yin & Yang, harmonizing, cleansing and stabilizing qualities. Each stone is unique & some colpour variations can occur. This Gua Sha is suited to use on the back, neck, arms, hands & feet whereas the Bian Stone Gua Sha is better for facial & neck use. 


Each stone comes with a canvas storage bag & instruction sheet. 


Tips & Tricks 

Prepare the skin so the stone glides over surface without pulling on skin too much. We recommend prepping with the Venus Mist & Soothe or Protect Oil. 

Hold the stone flat against skin at a 10-15 degree angle 

Do not press too hard, Gua Sha should be relaxing. Some tender spots will arise where muscles are extra tense. Go easy. 

Start by practicing on your inner forearm, the stone should glide across skin & leave a the area slightly pink 

Go slow & take deep breaths with each stroke 

For facial use work in upward strokes, hold the skin taught with one hand - acting as an 'anchor' and slowly glide the tool up to muscle attachments (see diagram). At the end of each stroke wiggle & apply a firmer pressure on muscle attachment

Work in an order that suits you, generally we start at the base of the neck working upwards to the chin & then from the chin to the outer jaws, to eyes & eyebrows and finally from the eyebrows to the forehead into the hairline. 


For more resources & instructions see here & here.

Studium tutorials coming soon. 


Gua Sha is not intended to treat or cure any medical conditions. Please consult your health professional.






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