Plants for the People

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Walking the plant path, Erin is a woman in tune with the natural world. On a full hearted mission to educate, assist and up-level how we can all heal with the rhythms of nature, through the bounty of plant medicine and gentle innate interventions to unearth thriving health and wellbeing.

Plants for the People aims to reinforce the ancient connection between the people and the plants in this modern day. Herbalism has long been with us in one form or another, through cultures spanning eons and locations, we are simply remembering our ways back to the depths of the green expanse, and the healing plants may offer us all.

Within the book you will find: 

Erin's story of her plant path and beyond

- recipes & guides on how to make medicinal teas, oil infusions, tinctures, oxymels, vinegars, syrups, elixirs, steams, poultices and much more

- A Materia Medica of 40 common plants, their stories of past and modern use and how they may offer healing to you and yours. With a thorough outline of the plant parts indicated for use, energetics, actions, cautions, golden tips and more. Each plant is visually illustrated with a companion photograph, bringing the plant to life whilst aiding your identification skills.

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