Reusable Makeup Rounds 4 pack


By EKKO skin

Fleecy soft on the front & textured fabric on the back for gentle exfoliation. Comes with a laundry bag for easy washing. 

Composition: 55% hemp/ 45% cotton 

EKKO cotton pads are designed to replace single-use cotton pads & makeup wipes.


Use with Divine Face Cleanser & Venus Mist 

Care instructions

Rinse after each use & hang to dry. Weekly wash in warm water with like colours. Line dry. With use over time your makeup rounds may become discoloured. This does not effect the use in anyway.


It takes up to 100 years for a make up wipe to break down in landfill 

It takes 20,000 litres of water to make one kilogram of single use cotton pads

The average makeup wearer will throw away 730 cotton pads per year

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