Monthly Non- Negotiable: Moonbathing

M O O N B A T H I N G 
written by Gabriella Abell 


Recently I shared on Instagram my ‘Non Negotiables’ – an act or task undertaken without hesitation to improve my health & wellbeing. One of my monthly non negotiables was moonbathing. I got a few messages asking about it, as tonight is a full moon I thought it would the perfect time to demystify it.   Moonbathing is exactly what it sounds like- basking in the moon. Just as sunlight provides many health benefits, so does moonlight. There is something truly romantic about the moon. A full moon combines the masculine energy of the sun and the feminine energy of the moon. Throughout history, the cycle of the moon has been used for a range of reasons; from undertaking ceremonies and rituals to food harvest and crop rotation. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it has cooling nature, in Ayurveda it is known to calm Pitta. Whether you believe it or not, the moon does impact our psyche. Ask anyone that works a nightshift- hospitals, policeman, ambulance etc. They will admit people really do go a bit ‘loony’ around a full moon.

Korean Moon Jar (dal hang-ari). Josean Dynasty, 1392-1910

Image: Korean Moon Jar, Joseon Dynasty 1392-1910  


Fertility & The Moon 

It is no coincidence that a moon cycle lasts approximately 28 days and so does the menstrual cycle. A full moon is a universal symbol of fertility and flow. It provides us with the opportunity to set intentions, create change, let go of what is no longer serving us and step into our softer, feminine side (PSA guys this goes for you too). Personally I feel so much more energised leading up to and during a full moon, it is the time of the month when I am most productive. I am also more sensitive than usual (read- shedding a tear over the cute Chinese couple I saw this morning doing Tai Chi together in the park). Tap into what you’re feeling and allow yourself experience it, without judgement.  



Traditionally ovulation occurs around the full moon and menstruation around a new moon. Moonbathing is an excellent way to help decrease stress and regulate your menstrual cycle. After a few months of dedicated moonbathing and fertility awareness (more on this in another post) – I have nearly (only a few days out) lined up ovulating with the full moon. Coming from a history of irregular periods, this is big news. If you want more information on lunaception check out Kara Maria Ananda and Natural Fertility by Francesca Naish

  How to Moonbathe

It’s safe, simple and free. Ideally exposing yourself to moon light all month will have the most profound effect on your cycle. However, just 15 minutes one day before, during and after the full moon (with as much skin exposed) is a great place to start. Avoid being near any lights during the bath- LED, phones, laptops, ceiling lights etc. I turn off all the lights in my house and lie out on my back deck to get the full effect. If you don’t have an outdoor space- even a walk around the block in the moonlight is sufficient enough. If you can get some moonlight through a window during the night even better- keep the curtains open.

Happy Bathing  

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