"I feel the hardest part about any health journey is actually starting - and I am so grateful to have had some sessions with Gab from Studium Naturopathy because it was like speaking with a friend. She was so attentive to how I felt, the challenges I faced and I felt like she really cared. Her approach isn’t just the amazing herbs and tonics she prescribed but it’s totally holistic, encouraging education like listening to podcasts, new recipes, and teaches to truly take care of ourselves inside out to become our best possible selves. I trusted her because of her genuine approach and care. And I really can’t wait to keep seeing her for sessions. If you have been considering seeking a naturopath for any reason I absolutely recommend Gab”

- J.S 


“I started working with Gab in October 2021, it was a turning point for me, my menstrual cycle has always been hard to manage, quite painful with heavy bleeds and COVID had been hard I had dropped lots of healthy habits and it had impacted my mental health so my anxiety was creeping up again, I was also thinking about my fertility and how we were hoping to start a family soon. Gab took a full detailed history of everything, something I really value in a practitioner, she took time to ask overlooked questions to work out exactly what was going on. At the end of our first appointment I was really hopeful, she provided a plan going forward, it was really clear and achievable and included dietary and lifestyle changes, some book recommendations as well as prescribing supplements and a plan to talk to my doctor to get some testing done. Since then I have made so many small and big changes and learnt so much about my health and well-being. One year on, I am 6 months pregnant, happy and healthy, seeing Gab was the catalyst in my eyes and it has made an immense difference to my life.”
- W.W 


“I have struggled with gut issues and low iron for as long as I can remember. It wasn’t until seeing Gab that I truley understood these issues and started to feel better with her guidance. She listens and asks questions to better understand the ‘whole story’. She is a wealth of knowledge and I would recommend to anyone! ”
- E.V.C


"After years of going to various practitioners with ongoing health issues, working with Gab of Studium Naturopathy has made me feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel! She is very knowledgeable and a great listener and I am so happy to be finally uncovering what has been going on. Would highly recommend!" 

- D.Y


"I've had the pleasure of being under Gab's guidance at Studium for a little over three months, and I must say, she is truly exceptional. Her extensive knowledge and unwavering support have been invaluable to me. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking assistance. Gab is a gem!" 

- C. M


"Gab from ‘Studium’ is a multifaceted wonder woman whom I can highly recommend to any person needing healing through Naturopathy, Herbal Supplements, Naturopathic Skincare + more. My appointments at Gab’s ‘Studium’ space are a sacred time that I look forward to each month as she is a relatable professional, a fantastic listener, incredibly knowledgeable in her fields and has great sense of humour. Working with Gab is highly personal as she offers a uniquely tailored experience, this has helped me beyond the physical body, into both mental and spiritual aspects of illness, hence why I have achieved incredible results in a short timeframe under her guidance and teachings. It has been truly rewarding and worthwhile to work with Gab to reach my health goals, i will continue to see her for all my health, herb, skin and wellbeing needs."

- A. A 


"The best naturopath I have ever been to. I will continue to see Gab and could not recommend her more"

- J. L