What is a Naturopath? 

Naturopathy is a whole healing modality that incorporates both traditional herbal medicine philosophy and modern, scientific based interventions. It empowers the individual to take accountability for their own wellbeing, recognising that body has an innate ability to heal & sets foundations for healthful habits throughout life. You don't have to be 'unwell' to see a Naturopath, there is a core focus on promoting vitality & vigour wherever you are in your health journey! 


About Gab

I am a degree qualified Naturopath (Bachelor of Health Science) with a love of all things health & wellbeing. I became interested in natural health after experiencing chronic cystic acne in my late teens & early 20's, which I was treated with Roaccutane prescribed by a Dermatologist. Initially the medication worked but after a few months the acne re-emerged with a heap of other side effects, leaving me feeling hopeless & with incredibly low self esteem. I visited a Herbalist in my early 20's for the first time & became fascinated with it, I immediately saw the benefits & felt aligned with the holistic approach. My experience with my own health issues has formed me into the herb/health nerd I am today & I am honoured to be offering my services to you. 

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