What to expect 

The beauty of seeing a Naturopath is that we take into account all aspects of the individual instead of focusing merely on symptoms, thus each treatment is different & herbs are customised to you.
During our sessions, you can expect: 
    • A deep dive into personal medical history, family medical history, disease timelines, emotional health, diet & lifestyle factors to help understand the root cause of your current health state.

    • Nutrition & dietary advice prescribed in accordance with your individual health goals.  
    • Functional medicine & pathology testing when necessary to identify pathophysiological drivers of disease. 
    • Custom prescriptions in the forms of  herbal medicine tinctures, teas, syrups, flower essences, powders, capsules/tablets, compounded nutraceutical powders & topical applications. 
    • A clear outline of health goals & timelines that work within your capabilities.
    •  Referrals to other health care providers if necessary for a shared care team approach. 
    • Discussions around budget & how we can tailor your treatment plans prioritising  affordability / accessibility.
    • Meeting you where you are on your health journey & assessing readiness to avoid feelings of overwhelm. 
    • A toolkit of lifestyle & dietary practices that will set you up for healthy foundations for life. 
    • Educational  resources in the forms of PDF Handouts, Book & Podcast recommendations. 
         Areas of special interest 

 Skin Conditions Digestion & The Microbiome
Immunity & Autoimmunity Fertility, Preconception & Postpartum
Hormonal Health Menstrual & Menopausal Concerns 
Stress & Burnout Sporting & Performance
We would like to make our services as accessible as possible, if you would like to discuss payment plan options please email us prior to booking an appointment
Discovery Call (10 Mins) 

Let's get to know each other! A phone chat where we discuss your current health state & how I can best support you as a Naturopath. Please book in advance. 


Initial Consultation

(75 Mins)

Mandatory for new patients. Online (Tues/Fri/ Sat Morning) or In Clinic (Tues/Fri/ Sat Morning). A deep insight into your current concerns, body systems, health timelines/history. dietary/lifestyle review & much more. 


Follow Up Consult

(45 Mins) 

Online (Tues/Fri/ Sat Morning) or In Clinic (Tues/Fri/ Sat Morning)A review consultation to track progress, analyse testing results & reflect on any changes to current treatment plan & prescription to continue improving health outcomes. These are based on your personal needs, the frequency of these consults are determined after each session. 


Acute Consultation

(30 Mins) 

For health concerns that are short lived (occurring for 14 days or less) such as cold/flu symptoms, travel advice/ prophylactic prescriptions, sudden injuries, emotional conditions (eg. sudden shock / life transitions/ grief) & situational anxiety / stress.

Note: if your concerns can not be covered in an acute session, a longer consult may be advised.