A selection of love letters from our beautiful customers.

Without you, studium simply wouldn't be.

Deepest gratitudes, Gab x


I had bad hormonal flare ups but since using this it  has pretty much all gone! Evened out in colour too and so glowy. 

- Maggie 

Maggie after using the Earthly Equilibrium, Sunshine Serum & Protect Oil for a fortnight. 


 I just wanted to say your products have been so divine to use! I love the whole range and wish I had purchased everything else to try as well.

- Pat 

Since my early teens, I have had skin difficulties with regular acne breakouts and scarring. I have tried so many different brands and remedies. The minute I stopped using studium products I found my skin would be drier and more scarring would appear. My skin is now smooth and glowy. My favourite products would be the Heavenly Harmony Milk cleanser, Sooth Facial Oil and Everything Balm. These are the products you will not want to live without!

- Sophia 


I would just like to say thank you soo much for the divine products 👏 Can really feel all the thought and love you put into the formulations. As a fellow student Nat and an ex beauty therapist, the formulations are just a dream to me!! Thank you thank you!

- Tiffany 


I just have to say how much I love your amazing studium beauties you recommended for me. I honestly feel like my skin has been glowing! Big love.

- Mikayla


So wonderful, this is the second range of your products I have absolutely spoilt myself with and I couldn't be happier x

- Jenna

 I was in a car accident which left me with significant face wounds. I was scared they would scar. Daily use of the everything over 6 weeks cleared it up completely. I also have terrible dermatitis & eczema - I had no reaction. A lot of other creams would sting my skin but the everything balm did not sting at all- it was so soothing.
- Erin on  the everything balm


Thank you ☺️ it’s been a game changer for my skin. The facial cleanser, sunshine serum and protect oil 🤍

- Erin 

I just wanted to give you some feedback on your everything balm! My 4 month year old had this windburn/rash on his face for a little while, and no matter the cream I put on it, it wasn’t subsiding. I went to the pharmacy and they told me to use a steroid cream as they thought it was fungal. I decided not to and try your balm, and within 3 days it’s almost completely gone! Amazing!
- Andrea


So I’ve struggled with uneven skin tone from freckles/sun damage and mild acne. I’ve been using the heavenly cleanser and sunshine serum for a few weeks now and just got asked if I had “face tan water” on. This is a huge compliment for me. So just a message to say thank you! Love the products so much.

- Kyera 


 I just want to tell you how amazing your product is. I have been the protect oil for 1 week now and the difference to my skin is next level, better colour, texture and zero redness. Thanks so much Gab, hope you are super proud of this beautiful brand you have created, you have a lifelong customer with me!
- Amanda


I've been using your products for eight days & my skin has totally transformed. I just want to say thankyou for making such a beautiful range. I'm honestly so over the moon. I've struggled for years now, trying so many different things from including diet and it has never improved much- until Studium. Also,my bestie has really sensitive skin & her skin loves Studium too. We are convinced you've put actual sunshine in there!
- Sophie


The Protect Oil is everything to me & my skin. Super nourishing, light weight, and gives the most amazing glow under foundation. I've noticed that my sensitive skin seems more calmer, and healthier since using this oil. The best part is a little goes a long way. Heavenly.

- Penny


I never post reviews but this soothe oil deserves one, I breakout with all face oils but not this one. It absorbs so well and doesn't leave your face feeling oily afterwards. Noticed redness and inflammation has reduced too! I love the earthy smell of it too.

- Kay

I got my brows done yesterday and I had like a weird dermatitis thing on my eyelid and she put on some everything balm AND IT IS COMPLETELY GONE! miracle balm!

- Liz


I am loving your everything balm atm, It’s helping me through these cold months in London.... my skin seems to crack really easily, on my ears and nose and corners of lips. I’m so glad I bought it! I carry it with me everywhere I go. 

- Isabel 


Sooo I couldn’t wait for Christmas and I’ve been using my new skin care the past few days. Just wanted to let you know how much I love it!! My skin is so soft and glowing 🤍 I’ll definitely be coming back in to buy more for Christmas presents


I've been using the sunshine serum & soothe oil. It's been beautiful. I can definitely see the that it's been protecting my skin... and it's healing. It's so gentle on my skin, exactly what I want.

- Viola on soothe & sunshine serum


You have elevated my self-care game so much. So thankful.

- Ebony 


The sunshine serum and oil is AMAZING. My skin feels so soft and supple. I am loving them, so happy.

- Laura on sunshine serum & protect 



Seriously, this oil is PHENOMINAL!

- Georgia on protect


I LOVE my products! Thankyou for making such a stunning range. I feel like a million bucks. Thankyou thankyou THANKYOU <3 

- Sam


Hello!! Btw I love love ur everything balm- nick has a sore cracked heel and was complaining about it so I gave him some of the balm and it worked like magic. Will probs be ordering a big tub of it soon xx

- Holly


I am obsessed with your products they are absolutely divine!!
- Hannah
obsessed, obsessed, obsessed 
- Jess
 This serum is divine! When I put this on my face every morning, my skin glows, quite literally. It absorbs without leaving an oily residue and isn’t too light that I don’t feel like my skin is benefiting. It smells exactly as the name suggests.....like sunshine. Something I look forward to each day!
- Antonia on the sunshine serum
I literally use this for everything- hair mask, overnight hydrating mask, highlighter, brow gel, lip balm, dry winter leg SAVIOUR... I could go on. Never ever have I come across a product so effective, affordable & with such high quality ingredients- plus it's organic! Highly recommend :)
- Elizabeth on the everything balm
I’ve had dermatitis one and off around my nose and chin for years and stripping back my routine to pretty much nothing was the best way I was able to manage it - cleansing with just water and using Cetaphil moisturiser - but I still always had little bits here and there. Sunscreen / humidity / anywhere with bad air pollution made it flare up, and most recently it had spread under my eyes. Used the Everything Balm morning and night for not even two weeks and any hint of the little red bumps had completely vanished! Small patches that had been red/inflamed for YEARS are now smooth and soft to touch, and the acute inflammation under my eyes has totally cleared up as well.
- Jasmine on the everything balm
Slowly reducing little red scars from healing blemishes.
Sore and shattered skin under eyes from winter blues becoming plump again. Cheeks, nose, lips all looking dewy and rich.
Best $40 odd I’ve spent in a while.
- Giorgia  on the everything balm
 I have terrible dermatitis & eczema- I had no reaction. A lot of other creams people told me to use would sting my skin but the everything balm did not sting at all- it was so soothing.
- Erin on  the everything balm
 I just wanted to say how thankful I am for your work and the beautiful products you make. I have for a few years been suffering from body dysmorphia and having bad skin hugely impacted my confidence and made it very hard to live my life the way I always wanted. Since using your protect facial oil my skin has had amazing improvements and it has given me a huge confidence boost. I have been going out to social things and doing things that in the past would have been very hard with a different attitude and I feel comfortable in my skin for the first time in a long time.
I am very grateful for the love and care you put into your beautiful creations.
Thankyou for your positive impact on my life.
- Tonia on protect oil

I recently came back from a 2 month trip in Indonesia & my skin, especially my face, was extremely dry & sun damaged. I was convinced it was beyond repair. I’ve noticed such a difference in a few weeks. My skin has rejuvenated to a smooth, soft glow & feels better than it has for a very long time time! It’s magic!

I use the everything balm twice daily, a tiny bit in the morning and a decent amount at night.

- Laila on the everything balm

The venus mist & protect oil are my saviours

- Amy


I am obsessed with the everything balm! Every time I have a pimple, scratch, itch, cut or literally anything my boyfriend literally say “oh quick get the everything balm!”

- Hannah

I got some bruises from work three days ago & they have nearly already healed from using the anointing oil!


I just received your order & so far I am absolutely loving your products!! From the smell to the texture, they just feel so thoughtful.
They make me feel SO excited about morning and night skin care now ha!
Thanks again. 

Just getting in touch to let you know how much I am enjoying my products. They are all lovely, especially like the cleanser, feels so smooth and no tightness at all. My fave might be the Anointing Oil though - wow! Smells divine and has softened up my dry heels really quickly. Love it. Can’t wait to try some more products soon!

- Kristina


 The venus mist and everything balm helped my dry irritated skin immensely so thank you so much!



The other week I was having a horrible late night working week - waaay to much computer and I saw a friend one morning and she said to me, you are absolutely glowing and your face looks amazing (internally i felt like crap) she asked what have a I changed and I told her all about studium. have really sensitive and dry skin and I have never felt more confident with my face that since I started with your sunshine serum and oil. The everything balm is so delish and the perfume just perfect. I am over the moon to have come across your work, thank you thank you thank you so thank you thank you thank you

 - Sobi 


Just want to say a big thank you Gab for my products! Was super excited to receive them and I feel I noticed a difference within a day! Amazing! X 

- Holly 


Oh my goodness. The Bian stone gua sha. I don’t know how I’ve lived without it for so long. Obsessed.My face feels so lifted and revitalised and I swear it has taken 10 years off hahah. I use it every morning with my morning meditation. And most nights too. 



This is my FAVOURITE scent (connection). I re-ordered & made sure I got TWO of them this time! 



I just wanted to say thank you for a recent package and how much I love all of your goodies. I started with a trial size of the soothe facial oil and absolutely loved it. My skin has undergone so many changes throughout the years and I never really imagined the day would come when it would tolerate oils or essential oils but here we are. I also ordered the anointing oil and the everything balm recently and have been loving both too. Their textures and scents are so wonderful, can’t wait to try out other things from you in the future!

- Jenny 


Thanks again Gab for making such wonderful products. I’ve suffered the last 29 years with dry skin, tried many and many a natural product and you're the best I’ve come across.

- Sobi