Organic Lemon Grass

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Origin: Australia, Certified Organic 

Note: all dried herbs will come packaged in a resealable, lined pouch. If buying multiple herbs, they will be posted separately unless specified in order notes to combine. 


Geraniol, Citronellal, Terpinolene, Geranyl acetate, Myrecene and Terpinol Methylheptenone.

Medicinal use

Orally, lemongrass is used for treating gastrointestinal spasms, stomachache, hypertension, epilepsy, musculoskeletal pain, neuralgia, vomiting, cough, rheumatism, fever, common cold, diabetes, and fatigue. It is also used orally as a sedative, antiseptic, mild astringent.


Contraindications: None known. 

Interactions: None known.

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