Organic Passionflower

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Origin: Australia, Certified Organic 

Note: all dried herbs will come packaged in a resealable, lined pouch. If buying multiple herbs, they will be posted separately unless specified in order notes to combine. 


Alkaloids (harman, harmoline), flavonoids (vitexin, saponarin, luteolin, rutin, kaempferol, quercitin), fatty acids (linoleic, linolenic, palmitic, oleic, myristic), acids (formic & butyric), sugar, gum, coumarins, cyanogenic glycosides, volatile oil, chrysin. 


Medicinal use

Passiflora has a depressant effect on CNS activity and is hypotensive; it is used for its sedative and soothing properties, to lower blood pressure, prevent tachycardia and for insomnia.  Can be used safely for nervous tension and restlessness, muscle spasm, headaches, irregular sleep patterns, irritability, neuralgias and any condition in which an antispasmodic would be beneficial.


Contraindications: None known.

Interactions: None known. 

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