Organic Yarrow

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Origin: Australia, Certified Organic 

Note: all dried herbs will come packaged in a resealable, lined pouch. If buying multiple herbs, they will be posted separately unless specified in order notes to combine. 


Volatile oil (borneol, camphor, thujone, chamazulene, azulene, linalool, limonene, cineole, sesquiterpene lactones), tannins (condensed and hydrolyzable), flavonoids (apigenin, luteolin, rutin), alkaloids (achilletin, betonicine, stachydrine, trigonelline), acids (caffeic, salicylic, succinic), amino acids, nutrients (ascorbic acid, folic acid), cyanogenetic compounds, sugars, coumarins, furanocoumarins, bitter (achillein), stigma/sito/erythrosterin, alkamides


Medicinal use

One of the best diaphoretic herbs and is a standard remedy for aiding the body to deal with fevers. A peripheral circulatory stimulant, it is utilized in any febrile condition, including acute, chronic and recovery phases and will increase the body’s sensitivity to adrenaline. It lowers blood pressure due to dilation of peripheral vessels. It stimulates digestion and tones the blood vessels, and is specific for thrombotic conditions with hypertension. As a urinary antiseptic it is indicated in infections such as cystitis. Achillea is both a relaxant and tonifying agent for the smooth muscle of the pelvic viscera. Used externally it will aid in the healing of wounds. It is astringent and used as a hemostatic in a variety of bleeding conditions associated with mucous membranes (wounds/ulcers).


Contraindications: Allergy to Asteraceae family, Pregnancy.

Interactions: Increases gut motility, thus may theoretically decrease absorption of drugs if taken simultaneously.

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