Organic Calendula

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Origin: Australia, Certified Organic 

Note: all dried herbs will come packaged in a resealable, lined pouch. If buying multiple herbs, they will be posted separately unless specified in order notes to combine. 


Triterpenoid & Steroidal saponins (yields oleanolic acid), flavonoids (isorhamnetin & quercitin), mucilage & Polysaccharides, Bitter resin (calendulin & caledin), volatile oils, xanthophyls & Carotenoids, sterols (beta-sitosterol) & Fatty acids (myristic and palmitic esters).


Medicinal use

Various preparations (e.g. infusions, tinctures, fluid extracts) have a long use in folk medicine, particularly in the topical application to wounds, ulcers, eczema, burns, etc. and is considered one of the best herbs for treating local skin problems in first aid treatment with a lotion, poultice or compress. As a lymphatic, used to stimulate the drainage of enlarged, inflamed lymph nodes and is specific for the lymphatics in the breast and pelvic tissues. As an emmenagogue it has a reputation of helping delayed menstruation and painful periods.


Contraindications: Allergy to Asteraceae family, Pregnancy.

Interactions: none known.

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